The 2nd International Confrence on Environmental and Energy Policy(ICEEP) 2022



Strengthening Planning and Implementation of Energy, Environment, Epidemiology and Information System as a Respond to Industrial Revolution 4.0


The 2nd Internasional Confrence on Environmental and Energy Policy (ICEEP) 2022 is annual conferences organized by Research Group of Energy and Administrative Law, Faculty of Law Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta. The aims of ICEEP are to designate an interactive international forum to provide a platform for sharing and exchanging information on the latest research on energy, environment, epidemiology and information system and to stimulate collaboration between researchers, government and industries to increase community welfare. This conference also facilitate the formation of network among participants to enhance the quality and benefit of research and development. The theme of 2 nd ICEEP is “The Technological Challenges in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals on Water, Environment, Energy, Information Systems and Future Impact”.